3 Ways To Help Keep Your Patio Glass Door Cleaner

A patio glass door is a great stylish enhancement. Not only do these doors add a modern look, but they also help allow natural light into your home. However, one thing is certain: when the glass is dirty, the door will look anything but attractive. Unless you want to spend countless hours cleaning the patio glass, it is helpful to learn about some practical things you can do to keep the glass clean.

Grill Positioning

Patios and grills are often nearly synonymous with one another. However, if you are not mindful of the placement of your grill, the glass on your door will look dirty. Smoke from a grill will settle on the glass and leave behind dark gray spots that are highly unattractive. 

To avoid this issue, place the grill several feet away from the patio door so that the smoke blows away from the patio glass and not directly onto it. You can also pay attention to how the wind typically blows to better determine where to position the grill. 

Handle Repairs

Most people locate the handle on a patio glass door and use it to open or close it, but if there is an issue with the handle, you should not be surprised when fingerprints are all over the glass. After all, if the handle or knob is not working, the only other way to operate the door is to touch the glass.

You can do yourself a favor by tightening or replacing the handle whenever it malfunctions. This step helps keep the glass cleaner and your home safer, as a poorly operating handle can be an easy avenue for a burglar to use to access your home. 

Function and Style

If you find that the glass on the patio door is often full of handprints, it might be time to reevaluate the style of the door in terms of how it functions. For example, consider a sliding patio door leading to a play area for younger children. 

The strength required to open and close the sliding door might be challenging for a small child, so they might put their hands on the glass to move the door easier. In this scenario, a hinged patio glass door might be better in terms of function because it would be easier to open and close, leading to fewer handprints on the glass. 

The cleaner the glass, the better the patio glass door will look. Be sure to keep these tips in mind to help keep the glass as clean as possible. 

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