4 Critical Roles Your Windshield Plays In Ensuring Your Safety And When To Have It Replaced

Like your body, your car has various components, and it will not function effectively if any of them is damaged. Among the most crucial components of your car is the windshield. Without it, it would be uncomfortable and unsafe to drive your car. Unfortunately, some drivers do not understand how a windshield enhances car safety and comfort and might take cracks and chips lightly. This article will explore the critical roles your windshield plays to help you understand why prompt windshield replacement is essential.

1. A Protective Shield

This is probably their most essential role. Your windshield protects you from harsh weather elements such as rain, wind, sunlight, and snow. It also protects you from invasive insects, stones, leaves, and other debris pelted at your car while driving. Has your windshield ever been hit by stone when driving? Well, that stone could have hit you, but your windshield protected you. Unfortunately, if you have a broken windshield, such road debris may breach through it and injure you. If you have a broken windshield, get it replaced for maximum protection against road debris and harsh weather.

2. It Ensures Safety During an Accident

Accidents generate a lot of forces that could throw you out of your car, leading to severe injuries or death. This is where your windshield comes to your rescue. It acts as a barrier that protects you and your passengers from ejection. The accident's impact will also have shrapnel, debris, and glass flying everywhere, but your windshield will keep them at bay to ensure you are safe from cuts and lacerations. A damaged windshield may not withstand the force of an accident. It will break at the smallest impact, leaving you unprotected. Therefore, you should seek windshield replacement as soon as possible to restore safety.

3. Airbag Deployment

Your windshield is key to proper airbag deployment. The airbag will burst outward to protect you from impact injuries during a collision. However, they need a solid windshield to allow them to bounce back and offer the required cushioning. Your airbags may not deploy effectively with a damaged windshield, putting you at high risk of head and whiplash injuries. Your best bet to deal with a damaged windshield is to seek replacement services.

4. Provide Roof Support

When you first look at a car, you may think your car frame and roof support the windshield. Well, they do to some extent, but your windshield is integral to the support of your car roof too. During a rollover accident, your windshield ensures your roof does not crumple and injure the car occupants. This is another reason to ensure your cracked windshield is replaced without delay.

If your windshield has sustained extensive damage, do not put your safety and comfort on the line. Contact a local auto shop, such as Flash Auto Glass LLC, to schedule an appointment. 

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