3 Types Of Window Tint To Consider For Your Project

Cooling takes up a massive percentage of the domestic energy bills in most homes. The windows directly affect the heating bill because excessive sunshine leads to a temperature rise inside the house. It is impossible to do away with windows as they are a light source to the home. However, you can get treatments that control the glare and heat absorbed into the house. Window tinting is one of the best ways to control the amount of heat and light inside the house from the outside. Here are three types of tint you should consider for your project.

Solar Tint

Solar films have become extremely popular in the recent past. Their popularity comes from their ability to block off the sun's glare and protect the home from UV rays. Once you apply the film to your windows, you get assurance that your home will receive a slow and steady flow of natural lighting. The solar tint is an excellent way to ease the strain on your home AC system and protect the colorful upholstery from getting washed out by the sun's ultraviolet rays. The solar film is instrumental between ten in the morning and four in the evening when the sun's glare is the most intense.

The Ceramic Type

Ceramic tint is more effective than most of the other options in the market. Ceramic film is highly efficient in blocking the glare and the harmful rays of the sun. They also offer a superior level of privacy when compared to other alternatives. If you live in a crowded neighborhood and would like a little privacy from prying eyes, you can install the ceramic film. Their installation cost might be a little more than the other alternatives, but their durability and efficiency are worth the additional cost.

The Metalized Alternative

The metallic tint is the perfect balance between a durable and stylish anti-glare treatment for your home. The tint has a thin layer of metallic particles that reflect the light away from your home's interiors. It has a reflective appearance, making your windows look very elegant to the passer-by. When installed, it helps maintain interior temperature because it is also reflective on the inside. Winter heating costs will be lower with the metalized film.

Please speak to a residential window tinting professional about the available film types and their benefits. They will help you choose and install a tint that will lower your heating bill, reduce glare and preserve your interiors. 

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