4 Tips To Help You Buy The Right Glass Shower Door

A glass shower door can make a huge visual transformation in your bathroom. Its clean angles and transparency make the space brighter and bigger. Glass shower doors are also more visually pleasing than shower curtains and will make your space look modernistic and stylish. But it is easy to make mistakes when buying glass shower doors, especially on size and design. How can you pick a glass shower door that will fit perfectly in your bathroom and meet your expectations for this space?

Decide on Framed or Frameless

A good quality glass shower door should be made of tempered glass, which is harder to break than ordinary glass. Both framed and frameless glass shower doors are made of tempered glass, but they differ in their support structures.

Framed glass shower doors have a thin metallic binding at the edge for support. The frames add character to the bathroom by outlining the structure and making it a visual focal point. A frameless shower door has no support but has clear-cut edges for a sleek, modern look.

Design the Shower Base First

It is more sensible to start with a base design because it gives form to the shower enclosure and thus the doors. The space available and configuration of your bathroom will inform your choice of the shower base.

Glass shower door services can help decide on a workable shower base design because they know what can and cannot work in your bathroom setting. With a base design, you can easily pick on conventional or sliding shower doors.

Consider Door Operation

Do you want a conventional open-and-shut pivot door or a sliding door? Your answer should be guided by available floor space. Sliding doors are ergonomic and good for small bathrooms. There are also bi-fold door designs that are very economical in space. However, you can get framed and frameless glass shower doors for all the three-door designs.

Pivot doors leave a bigger opening than sliding doors, so you must take note of the size of people using the bathroom. A small door opening can make the space feel claustrophobic.

Consider Glass Transparency

Décor magazines often show transparent glass shower doors, but you can also ask for a glass with a darker tint. If you are concerned about privacy, ask for less transparency. The glass shower door services should have transparency that fits your privacy concerns.

Would you like to transform your bathroom's visual presentation? Talk to glass shower door services about your ideas.

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