5 High-Impact Window Benefits For Your Business

When selecting new windows for your business, take some time to look into high-impact windows. These windows provide many benefits beyond the basic hurricane resistance for which they are often marketed.

1. Better Security

Security is a top concern for most businesses, whether it is keeping staff safe or cutting down on burglaries. Large windows can invite intruders and theft, particularly after hours when your building is empty. An impact-resistant window can't be kicked in or broken out by any normal means that an intruder is likely to have access to, so your business will be quite secure, even when no one is there. 

2. Increased Safety

Safety is another good reason to consider impact-resistant windows, particularly in areas where impacts from storms or other outside forces are a threat. Glass shards can cause major injuries or even kill someone. An impact-resistant window is designed to stay intact, even in the event that the impact is sufficient to break regular glass. This means you will not have to worry about dangerous shards. Even a broken window will likely remain in its frame.

3. Storm Resistance

You don't have to live in a hurricane-exposed area to have storm concerns. Tornadoes and straight-line wind events are common in many areas. Even moderate winds can send debris flying. The type of debris that can break a standard window. Impact-resistant windows can handle objects thrown at them at high-wind speeds, even larger objects, so you don't have to worry about the window no matter how violent the storm. 

4. Increased Longevity

Windows are a major investment, so you don't want to be replacing them often. That would significantly cut into your profits. High impact glass can last for a very long time because it isn't prone to the minor damages of other window types, minor damages that can eventually build-up to the point of a necessary replacement. The layers of glass remain secure and prevent drafts and water leaks for many years. Furthermore, chips, etching, and cracks are rarely an issue.

5. Higher Insulation

Some impact windows contain additional insulation, but even the most basic three-layer high-impact window is more insulating than a basic single pane window. These additional layers also help insulate against noise. This can make your business more pleasant, particularly if it is located on a busy street or near another loud area. 

Contact a commercial glass installation service to learn more about upgrading your business's windows to high-impact glass. 

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