Choosing A Glass Shower Enclosure


When you are remodeling or constructing your bathroom, the shower is a focal point, and one of the most important features of any shower is the glass enclosure. Choosing the right enclosure for your bathroom can be tricky, so take a look at these options to get an idea of what you want. 

Tethered or Freestanding 

Most shower enclosures are tethered to a wall and consist of only one to three glass walls attached to a solid wall. The other option is a freestanding shower which is usually set off from the wall and has four glass walls or is circular. A tethered shower can feel more secure and offer more privacy than a freestanding shower, but a freestanding shower is unique and sleek looking. 

Frosted or Transparent 

Another option you'll need to make a decision on is frosted or transparent glass. Frosted glass gives you more privacy and looks softer in a bathroom. If your style is warm and inviting with rich colors or muted browns and golds, a frosted shower enclosure adds to the atmosphere of the room. A transparent shower may make some people more self-conscious or tense when they are showering, but since it is easy to see the room around you from the shower, some people feel more secure with a transparent enclosure. The transparent glass fits in well with cool colors like blues and silvers, making your bathroom feel refreshing and modern. There are also many options that mix transparent and frosted glass, so you get the best of both worlds. 

Sliding or Swinging Door 

Shower enclosures usually come with either sliding or swinging doors. A sliding door has the advantage of taking up less space and is great if you're dealing with a small bathroom. The door slides along the door jam groove to open and close, so you don't need four to six feet of space between the shower door and the wall. A swinging door is a good option for a large bathroom as it can take up empty space and can make a shower feel more open. A swinging door has less moving parts, and so it is less likely to get stuck or have trouble in the future. 

Door or Doorless 

Some showers don't have doors at all. A doorless shower usually is made of two panels of glass attached to surrounding walls to create a semi enclosure. A doorless shower is more open and often cheaper. A doorless shower gives your room a natural, outdoor, beach vibe and is great for bright spaces with lots of natural light. A doorless shower only works in a bathroom with lots of drainage where you are okay with things getting wet. If you would like to learn more, contact someone like Kauffman Glass and Mirror.


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